We can help you reach the fans that are waiting for your music.


$ 80 Monthly
  • Ideally a 2 week Campaign.
  • 120hrs run-time of Social media targeted ads.
  • Project release strategy for media.
  • Promotion activities with media partners including features, reviews, interviews, sessions and video placements
  • Marketing Integration: Alignment with wider marketing plan.
  • Coordinating assets such as promotion formats, images, biographies, press releases and press photos.t


$ 195
  • Ideally a 4 week Campaign.
  • 324hrs runtime of social media Targeted ads
  • Digital promotional materials (cover art banner, thumbnail images and plaques)
  • Coordinating assets such as promotion formats, images, biographies, press releases and press photos
  • Use of multi-dimensional marketing strategies to penetrate the Digital Global Market.
  • Updates bi-weekly reporting on key targets and results.


$ 127
  • Ideally a 6week Campaign.
  • 600hrs run-time of Social mmedia targeted ads.
  • Artiste Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and Google listing.
  • Video airplay/Itunes & Applemusic charts
  • Marketing Integration: Alignment with wider marketing plan.
  • Coordinating assets such as promotion formats, images, biographies, press releases and press photos

Features & Benefits

Our rookie package combines a great list of digital services and promotional features intentionally directed towards promoting an artistes content to a wide audience in the digital global space.

With this pack, we will distribute your music/projects across major streamingplatforms such as Spotify, Applemusic, Dezeer, Pandora, Boomplay, Applemusic etc. Artistes also have the right to choose his preferred digital platforms

This plan is a 2in1 pack (distribution & promotion). after we have distributed your music, we will promote it to our wide range of audience to boost your streaming numbers.

With our digital security, we endure the complete protection of artistes intellectual property.

Our Standard Review Team (SRT)will compehensively review your project verse-to-verse. We will hence publish it and implement our marketing strategies to sell out your song to our waiting audience.

We shall implement a multi-dimentional marketing strategy to penetrate the global market and sell out your craft.

This is intended to ensure that the owners of copyrights on musical works are compensated for certain uses of their work.

How It Works

In three simple steps, we will receive your music and begin the distribution process. We are fast, swift and reliable.


Register today and send us your song, lets get working. Registration is absolutely free.

Review Process

Our Standard Review Team (SRT) will recieve your song and annalyse it with our Quality test mechanism. It is expected that your song/project passes our quality test with at least 65% rating.

Distribute & Promote

With a 65% SRT rating, our team of expert will email you a detailed quote regarding the digital distribution, promotion and marketing of your song or you pick a plan from our pricing section. Then we get to work. We desire to work with just the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few already answered question from our catalog.

Upload Related

Click on the “Register” button to begin our registration process. don’t worry it takes less than a minute. after a successful registration, you will be redirected to a page where you can make payment and choose your preferred promotion plan. After successful payment, our team will reach out to you. Just this simple!

You can choose the release date. You have a minimum of 7 days as a Pro user and 15 days. Once your release has been uploaded and received, we will contact you (usually 24-72 hours) meaning that it is being reviewed by our quality team.

Our internal review process can take from 24 to 72 hours between working days, after this period if your song is accepted we will contact you.

When our team detects a cover that does not have the requirements of stores changes, we design one automatically, in that way, the process of distribution don’t interrupt and continues until delivered to the digital stores.

Distribution Related

If your releases or upcoming release are not on Apple’s music catalog it’s probably that don’t meets with the store guidelines. 

To start receiving royalties, your music must have been published for at least 2-3 months in order to get your first statement.

Some stores report every quarter, so we need to process all streams and downloads data after receiving it in order to generate your statements.

Please also keep in mind that most stores require a minimum amount of streams to be reached before royalties even start to be collect

The artist profile connection with their releases is made by the stores themselves and sometimes they can make mistakes because this process its automatized
You can contact spotify support here:

Don’t worry this is normal, if you distribute to Soundcloud ID, just request the whitelist of your SC account.


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