5 Things We Love About Freshgee’s Upcoming Project “Nobody Knows EP”

If you have been following the Nigerian music scene over the past year, you will observe a lot has changed, a good number of youngins’ are churning out new and spectacular sounds and they’re selling out massively. FreshGee happens to be one of the new acts on the scene, creating his path and shaping his sound for the future of Afrobeat in Africa.

Earlier this week, we had a private listening session with  FreshGee   in light of his upcoming project “Nobody Knows EP” scheduled for worldwide release on 25th July 2021. We had a great time conversing as the EP played over on loud speakers in a room filled with invited-only guests.  With every song that plays over the speakers, Freshgee always have a back story to it. It’s inspiring how he turns these stories to great melodies. 

Judging from our ears, we can extract a few things to expect from the EP.

“Making music is fun, but there are difficulties and challenges! Sometimes, we go through pressure, frustration and depression just to make this music. What you’re about to listen, is the totality of my being in 6 tracks.”

— @FreshgeeDaniang

I bet this will be the first thing you will notice the moment you hit the play button on FreshGee’s Nobody Know’s EP 25th July. . If you knew Freshgee’s sound which use to be uptempo with a high BPM and a hard flow to accompany the beat. This project was intentionally crafted with an entirely different sound rooted in the new school Afrobeat. You will hear Freshgee creatively churning out the new afro sound in a perfect blend of deep storytelling, melody, and a bit of fun for a great listening experience.

While we were yet discussing with the new school act. The discussion got deep as Freshgee began to narrate some stories that inspired the project. His experiences inspired this project as he wrote on his social media ” this houses relatable tales and experiences in my life that NOBODY KNOWS…” Little wonder why he gave in his all. I mean he went in with 100% energy, creativity, and delivery. Nothing feels better than telling your story on your own terms. The best part is accompanying the story with melodies. It’s fun!

Every song on the project perfectly fits in and seats in its best position as chronologically arranged. Kudos to the A/R team for an incredible selection and curation of such a master playlist. When you finally get to listen to this project, listen to it chronologically as arranged. It was intentionally made for a smooth flow and a great listening experience.

The versatility in terms of sound and recording is awesome. The EP contains 6 powerful tracks and it is attributed to the careful selection of amazing producers and engineers with obvious prowess involved in the project. The likes of Geekbeats, Greezbeats, Realtricks, Yange, Emmyzee, and a host of others worked on the project. It’s superb & we love the sound that it emanates. You will confirm this when you get to finally listen.

Not neglecting his struggles, FreshGee as a young aspiring artist didn’t just brag about himself, but also addresses the situation of the nation and relates it to how it affects other young creatives in the society.

FreshGee’s upcoming EP NOBODY KNOWS is an amazing body of work, which is just a by-product of hard work and constant innovation. A project you should watch out for and be the first to listen to when it is released on the 25th of July 2021.

We will be back with another review when the project is out on 25th July. For now, you can pre-order Nobody Knows EP here:



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