[Album Review] Tiwa Savage is Soaked In Water & Garri

Tiwa savage is one of the most successful female Nigerian act. Tiwa has seen it all, she has been queen for a very long time and she still is. While her previous body of work, “CELIA” was not much of a massive success, it underlined Tiwa’s need for a sonic evolution. On “Celia”, she was after hit songs and commercial records, on “water and Garri” we see a new realm in transition, and its beautiful to behold.

Here is our thought on each track on the playlist.

The tape opens with “Work Fada”, which is a call to action, this record encourages Hard work and Tenacity, “Come get to work”, Tiwa’s angelic vocals are at the fore on this Neo-soul record, NAS comes through with a Great verse, this also feels like redemption for NAS, the last time he was on a Nigerian record, it was an absolute embarrassment.

On “ADE ORI”, she is in pain and doesn’t want any more of it. While her vocals convey the right emotions, it is soothing and the lyrics are sparse. Tales by moonlight is the lead single on the tape and the weakest song on the tape.

Somebody’s son is this writer’s favorite from the Tape, this record has a “wedding party smash hit/classic” potential. This is an amazing display of celestial vocals. Tiwa and Brandy were in bed with the record, it is a joy to listen to, they understood the assignment. While listening and dancing to the soothing melodies you also gain hope that someone will love you one day. It is such a smooth and beautiful record.

Special Kinda features the special Tay Iwar, who is one of the most talented Nigerian new school acts, he owned the record like he owned Wizkid’s True Love.

Sonically and cohesively, this might just be Tiwa’s best project, while this tape had some great moments like somebody’s son, It’s also had some very weak moments like “Tales by moonlight”. Which was the weakest record on the Tape.

Work Fada is a great song, but it was just too long, and in this streaming era, that record may not retain listeners. Tiwa’s deliveries on this tape were different from what we usually know. It also seems like this tape was tailored for the international audience, the sounds on this tape are not the regular sounds the average Nigerian may relate to.

However, this is a Good project. An obvious evolution and elevation from Celia, I dare say the music on “Water and Garri” is better than the music on “Celia”, however, people may not relate to “Water and Garri”.

Written by: Philemon



Listen to Water and Garri:

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