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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few already answered question from our catalog.

Upload Related

Click on the “JOIN NOW” button to begin our registration process. don’t worry it takes less than a minute. after a successful registration, you will be redirected to a page where you can upload your music and all necessary details.

You can choose the release date. You have a minimum of 7 days as a Pro user and 15 days. Once your release has been uploaded and received, the status of the release will change to “In Review” (usually 24-72 hours) meaning that it is being revised by our quality team.

After approval, status will change to “In Process”, this means it has been approved and already on stores waiting to be available in the release date that you chose.

Our internal review process can take from 24 to 72 hours between working days, after this period if your song is accepted the release status will change from “in review” to “in process”.

When our system detects a cover that does not have the requirements of stores changes it to a generic one automatically, in that way, the process of distribution don’t interrupt and continues until to delivered to the digital stores.

Distribution Related

If your releases or upcoming release are not on Apple’s music catalog it’s probably that don’t meets with the store guidelines. 

To start receiving royalties, your music must have been published for at least 2-3 months in order to get your first statement.

Some stores report every quarter, so we need to process all streams and downloads data after receiving it in order to generate your statements.

Please also keep in mind that most stores require a minimum amount of streams to be reached before royalties even start to be collect

The artist profile connection with their releases is made by the stores themselves and sometimes they can make mistakes because this process its automatized
You can contact spotify support here:

Don’t worry this is normal, if you distribute to Soundcloud ID, just request the whitelist of your SC account.