How Musicians Can Attract Loyal Listeners To Their Orbit

The dream of every musician is to gain millions of loyal listeners because, of course, that is where his/her revenue will come from. The million-dollar question is “how do I attract these listeners to my orbit”?

So many have tried and failed and some even resort to using bot inflated numbers. If this is you, then count this as a blessing reading this article, as we shall roll out some steps you should take, as well as some do’s and don’ts in order to attract a great number of people who will listen to your music.

1. Leverage On Social Media

This is may sound like a no-brainer, but there are a lots of artists that aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunities social media presents. Social media’s culture is very focused on creative expression, and artistic pursuits, making it a great place for musicians to market their music. People on Instagram are probably there to build their creative brand and/or support other people’s creative brands. Here are a few simple ways to utilize social media.

  • Grow your following

Engage with your friends, fans, industry peers, and people that inspire you. Don’t just post about your music, let people in on what’s going on behind the scenes. If you have a show, let people know in at least one post before the show. Get video and pictures of the show to post afterward. If you feel confident enough, you can even Livestream your show. These days, the saying “Pics or it didn’t happen” applies especially to the music world.

  • Document the writing and recording process

People want to know how music is made, and why you made it. Knowing this creates a connection with your music before it even comes out, and gets people excited for the release.

  • Promote the release date

Make sure to let people know that you are releasing music, at least a month before it comes out. Countdowns, pictures of the recording process, or track previews are a great way to get people excited about your new music.

  • Post About Success

Did your song get on a playlist? Did someone share about your song in their story and tag you in it? Did you reach a significant number of streams? If you aren’t posting about these things on your Instagram then you are missing opportunities. If someone posts about your song and tags you in their story, repost it to your story. If you get featured on a playlist, share that playlist in your story. Playlists grow through featured artist’s followings. If you reach a significant number of streams on a platform (the appropriate number will vary depending on how big your following is) thank your listeners for the love in a post. Also, if you are featured in a publication, let people know! These achievements let your followers know that they aren’t the only ones that like your music.

2. Quality Vocal Recording:

People fall in love with what they hear, thus having proper vocal recording skills is one side of the magnet you can use to attract listeners. This is a skill every recording artist should take time to develop and be comfortable with because this is the birthplace of good music and/or a good sound. The mix engineer can only do as good as your vocal recording; what this means is that if your recording is poor, you don’t expect the final mix to be top-notch.

3. Quality Mixing and Mastering:

Aside from having the requisite skill of vocal recording, a poor mix will also drive your listeners and potential listeners away. It is believed that your song is only as good as the final mix. Now imagine someone listening to your song for the first time and your voice is over-shadowing the beat or vice versa. Terrible right? Great, now that is why you need to employ the services of a good mix engineer:you can contact us to help you with that.

4. Artist-fan Relationship:

If you take your listeners to be like a bigger circle of your friend’s list, where you converse with them, ask for their opinions, let them in into some part of life and even your recording and creative process, you will undoubtfully create a bond with them. All these will give them a feeling that they are ‘family’ in some way, and that you don’t just see them as fans that will make you money, but as friends, you can relate to any day any time.

You can choose to give phone calls to fans, give out merch, take fans on dates, invite them to your recording sessions, video and photo shoots, etc. When you create such a relationship, word will spread fast with your name and your songs on it.

5. Showing up for Gigs and Stage Performances;

As an Artist, you need to show up for gigs and give striking, intriguing, and energetic performances any time you are called on stage. Why? Because you don’t know who is watching, it might be a fan who has listened to your song and has been yearning to see you on stage, or a label A&R scouting for artists, the list is long it might be whoever, plus you get to meet & greet and get connected. It doesn’t really matter if you’re getting paid for the gig or not (especially when you won’t be spending any cash). But you need a face, you need to make your presence known to your listeners and potential listeners, please note that you can’t do free gigs for long, and this goes back to you creating great music, value attracts money.

6. Catchy Music Content:

People will only listen to what they can relate with, which means you need to identify your target audience and the message you intend to pass to them has to be identified also. Then you will need to be consistent with that message. In such a way that when you drop a link to a song, your potential listener will have a feel of what he/she is about to listen to. This does not necessarily mean that all your songs should sound alike or be centered around just a single topic as you can diversify.

For example, when you see a Johnny Drille song, what first comes to your mind? Personally, I know the song might be about love, which is the central topic, but will he sing about his lost love, his crush, or about someone who broke his heart? That I won’t know until I listen to the song. Some experts will advise you to hire the services of a songwriter, which is not totally a bad idea.

Let’s stop here, for now, this is not all, trust me, we have tons of nuggets like this to help your music career, but I don’t want to keep you here for so long… go hit the studio and do what you know how to do best, making great music. And we can’t wait to hear your next song, likewise thousands of listeners out there. So get in touch with us when you’re ready to drop that banging new single or that mind-blowing EP / Album that you got, remember we are your virtual friends and we got you covered.



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