How to get Spotify Followers for Free

How it works?

Indiefy Network allows to create campaigns to promote your artist profile, Spotify playlists and YouTube channels.
In order to create your campaign, the only thing you have to do is to support other artists like you by following them.

As a musician, it is hard to start, and one of the first steps is to create and build your fanbase, also, it is very important for Spotify to have enough followers in order to be relevant for the platform. So we recommend to increase your followers, make campaigns in social media, add your music to playlists and you will start getting more streams gradually.

How to start?

It is very easy, to start using Indiefy Network you need to create an account, create your artist profile and that’s it, you will be able to create your first campaign by starting following other artists and playlists of your taste.

Digital Junkie

Digital Junkie

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