How you must submit your tracks to the Spotify Playlist Curator

What you should do to submit your music to Spotify Playlist Curators

The world over is accepting the fact that the music industry is changing. Music artists are using social media to establish bonds with their writers and that is just one aspect of it. There are multiple platforms where you can upload your songs and thus manage to impress the listeners. Spotify is one such major player in the market and here we tell how to submit your music to the Spotify Playlist Curator.

How you can submit one song to be considered for the playlist

To do so you have to first sing into the artist account you have created with Spotify. If you are a label you will have to sign in to the Spotify Analytics feature. While you are submitting the song you have to make sure that you are giving a detailed description of the same. This includes any relevant information that may be fruitful for music promotion. It would also help the editors to figure out where they should place your song.

What all needs to be added in the description

When you submit your music to Spotify you would have to add details like Genre, instrumentation and the mood of the song. Later on, you could also add if it is a cover song of your album. If your song is falling under other sub-genres or culture you must make it a point to mention that too.

The ‘submit to Spotify’ feature is also going to modify Spotify’s personalized playlists. This means that if you have submitted your song for inclusion in the playlist at least 7 days in advance it should show in your follower’s release radar playlist. This means that all of them would get an idea that a new track is about to be released. However, this is possible only when the 7-day advance guideline is adhered to.

Following this trick, you may get control over which single you want to promote to your fans as well as the playlists.

Spotify has this to say

Anyone can try using this feature. It is immaterial if you are an artist, label or manager or even part of the artist’s team. Just log into the Spotify account you have created or Spotify Analytics if you are working for a label. Over there you will find the option of choosing one unreleased song to be submitted for playlist considerations.

However, for this feature to benefit you it is wise if you give as much information about the track as possible. Spotify already knows a lot about you but this information that you would give would be a booster. What kind of music your fans would listen to and other previous playlists you have appeared on are some more details that you may offer.

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