Pains and Gains EP – 1st Listen Review

My first encounter and introduction to Teddy Pabloo was sometimes in 2021 in a song called “Small Circle” which he just released. Among other things, one thing that stuck with me was this artiste’s distinctiveness, he’s got an embedded message. He wasn’t creating music based on cliches and insipid topics. He’s more like a carpenter firmly hitting and driving the nail into a piece of furniture. Ever since then, Teddy Pabloo (a South African based Nigerian hip hop act) took a leap and resurfaced with a new project. This time, he didn’t create this masterpiece alone he’s got a partner in the name Wizzytr3way on a collaborative project titled “Pains And Gains EP”

Over the weekend, while relaxing and working in the cool of the evening, i queued up the unreleased Teddy Pabloo x WizzyTr3way’s collaborative project (Pains and Gains EP) on my LG PI5 XBoom Portable BT Speaker to have a first listen. While at it, some key features were obviously noticeable. I had to pause my work to jot down a few.

Here are few things i observed – at first listen.

The Unique Chemistry

This is the sort of chemistry that has birthed classic albums like “I Love Girls With Trobul” by Sarz and Wurld, “Watch The Throne” by Hov and Ye and even a record like “Oleku” by Ice Prince and Brymo. The chemistry between both artistes is the bedrock of every good thing this album goes on to be. Teddy Pabloo and WiZzy Tr3way understood the assignment, they were not only studio pals, neither was this project birthed out of a studio vibes session. They complimented each other perfectly like twin brothers. They paint pictures with their bars and give the listener insight to their story. Both artistes are in the same zone, on the same lane, but nobody gets in each other’s way. The chemistry is so good the featured artistes perform brilliantly when they are called upon, listen to Yesiwe’s enchanting performance on Kumbaya. It’s absolutely brilliant.

You could clearly see the creative chemistry in the project documentary released by the duo few days ago.

Sound Production and Engineering

This is elite production, the instrumentation is perfect for every song. Everything aligns so well it feels the artistes are in bed with every record. The kicks, the drums are as hard as they should be. I can not pick a flaw right now, tho this is my first listen, but the production is really good – Oscar B and AIHBI did a fantastic job. The engineering is sparkling clean, every detail was paid attention to.

The Methuselah Element

I am no prophet, but this project will age like fine wine (note this). Pains and Gains EP has all the necessary elements of a classic, talk of quality production, embedded messages & excellent deliveries. Tho, this project is not for everyone but the target audience will never get tired listening to this. Each time you press the play button, you get to understand the embedded message in different dimensions. Records like Boss Talk and Believe Me may take time to truly resonate with and that’s fine, but this is not an EP for every mood, but when you need something mind boggling and introspective, this album will be the one you run to for succor.

5 days ago, Teddy Pabloo made an announcement on his instagram handle unveiling the tracklist of the project.

View here:

See all songs on the EP below.

  1. Pains and Gains
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. Believe Me
  4. Kumbaya ft Yesizwe
  5. Boss Talk ft Minx
  6. What i Like/Playing With Your Brain ft

Pains And gains EP will be released 24th June 2022.

That’s it from me. Be sure to look out for the EP when it drops, and of course we’ll be giving you a review shortly after.

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