The Ultimate Recipes For Effective Music Marketting

by Habila Future Moses

‘Inspiration is one thing and you can’t really control it, but hard work is what keeps the ship moving.’

When we hear the word ‘music marketing strategy, we are considering music as the product and you as an artist are the creator of that product. Your target is to get visibility, attention of listeners, and then build a strong, valid, and loyal fan base. You have the power to decide what you present to the audience, and how you showcase it. If your music marketing strategies used before were weak, it is time to upgrade/diversify your strategies.

In this article, we will expose some music marketing strategies that you have been overlooking. So, grab a drink – it’s gonna be a long ride home.

1. Get Yourself a Website

Brand websites form the base of a music marketing strategy. Your website is your foundation for it is where you freely express yourself and sell your content as time goes on without much stress. All the major music artists have a website and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have as well. On your website, list your bio, events & shows and merchandise to sell.

Having a website allows you to reach your audience directly and have a clear message for them. Also, using a custom website design, you can shape your message according to your needs. Apart from spreading word of mouth, you need a platform where you can tell your story to the target audience – a band website is just that. It can even open main revenue streams for you. Make sure you get a mobile-friendly website developed. If you need to get your artiste website contact us

2. Doing a Cover Version

Jumping on some of the most popular and trending tracks for a cover with the original owner’s permission is never really bad at all because it will give you a chance to express your skills, passion and prowess and will ultimately get you some listeners. You still with free content, then as time goes on switch to premium.

The question hovering your mind is – How do I get noticed by doing a cover version? When a music lover type the names of popular music tracks, they will be able to see the original version and even the cover version. By singing a popular track and putting it on YouTube or other streaming channels and other free music websites, the visibility increases. Of course, you can hire us or any music marketing company who would handle this aspect for you.

3. Contribute Your Music to the Top Digital Music Streaming Services

Everything is going digital now and if you do not have your music on the major digital streaming services you are leaving money on the table and missing out on reaching your targeted audience. It is actually free to create an account with any of them but it cost to go premium which grant you access way above the free account holders.

All you have to do is get your songs together, upload your albums, EPs, mix tapes or singles to any or all of the digital streaming platforms or stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, AudioMack and SoundCloud and share them all around on blogs, websites and even social media which is one of (if not) the biggest contributor and target reaching audience platform and wait for the audience to react.

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But it isn’t just about sharing alone. You need to be very clear about your target audience and the platform they use the most. Identify your genre and then select the right platform to share it.

4. Involving Your Followers and Fans

Engagement i.e interacting with your fans and followers and keeping them updated about upcoming events is a must. A marketing strategy is incomplete if you fail to engage with your audience. Your musical career success largely depends on your listeners (fans and followers.)

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others) is a great and accessible tool for artists/fan interaction. Create a page and connect with your fans. Also, fans may leave comments on your music videos on YouTube or any of the streaming platforms, it is okay to engage with them – like and reply to their comments in a way that pleases them to stay long. . You can even do a poll on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and go LIVE! When an upcoming or popular singer like you goes live, the fans are able to see you in real and even chat with you and it gives them some sense of connectivity and it is some sort of fans love when you indulge and connect with them.

By connecting with them, you build trust between you both which is an important thing to do. Build trust. Ask them for their opinion! Once you know what they want, you would know what your next step should be. It is an amazing idea to include your fans in day-to-day activities.

5. Collaboration

If you are unable to capture the audience’s attention, it is time to collaborate with another band or a popular artist. Let’s say you are able to secure a huge collaboration with one of the biggest and respected artists or out of your region. Would that not also expand you fan zone and make you big? Of course it would. It could be a beautiful amalgamation! This could help you to get the attention of millions of music lovers.

Many musicians are already leveraging this music marketing strategy. We have no doubt that you are a fabulous singer, but joining hands with a popular artist or someone extremely talented could really help you! Collaborations work and help you to get the attention of other millions music lovers. You can seek out musicians who have the same vibe or more as you do.

6. Social Media Marketing

Aha! Most of our local artist only use SM for leisure and chatting only not knowing that it is a big tool to leverage on. Part of your music marketing plan should heavily rely on social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are platforms that you cannot miss out on because of the billions of people using them.

Social media is one of the best ways to grow a loyal fan base which will constantly consume your music. Social media marketing can feel like a daunting task as there are many components involved to grow a music artist’s account such as content creation, posting, liking, following, and influencer outreach to name a few. However it doesn’t have to be that difficult as there are tools, tips and agencies like us out there to help you out.

Here also, you need to study your target audience and the platforms they are mostly active on. Research the type of content they will prefer and then create a marketing strategy. One music marketing tip is to focus on the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule is posting 80 percent entertaining and 20 percent promotional content.

7. Going Out of the Box by Trying New Things

Another popular music marketing strategy is doing something out of the box. You are already producing some great content for the viewers, but it is time to try something new! When you are marketing yourself both offline and online, you need to take risks and see what the audience would like!

This requires a fair bit of time and research. See what your audience is liking! Do they hit the like button more often when you are doing a collaboration? Do they love it when you do a live session? Understand what type of content is driving more engagement for you. Will you stick to it or give it a new touch? Think of music you have never created and find its future possibilities.

Try out different strategies to get their attention! In some time, you will know what works! You can even look at other musicians to and see what they are doing. Do your homework.

8. Organizing Your Very Own/Attending Shows and Concert (Live Performance)

Organizing or attending shows and concerts is a must even without monetary gain for a start. People now loves going to concerts and live music shows because they get to see their favorite artist in person singing their favorite song. You have no idea the type of sensational feelings.

They update their statuses, put live videos and even capture the live show in their phones to share on social media. Well, here’s your chance to get noticed! You can throw a concert at an off-beat destination without shelling a lot of money. It could be outside your home (in a park) or even a small place, schools or any social gathering.

People want to see you for real, and it is possible that they will get their friends along. Also, they would post your live show videos on YouTube and Instagram. This will help you get more followers overnight!

9. Giveaway Time

There is no doubt that everyone likes free stuff. How about you doing a giveaway? Put a silly photo of you and ask your followers to give the best caption for it. You could announce one lucky winner and give them something worth remembering. It must not be money. It could be a simple thing like cap, bracelet, wristwatch or any other thing.

The winners will be elated, and you will get a new fan base. How? Once you run a giveaway, your fans will tag their friends. The friends will tag their colleagues and other people they know! All of this becomes a movement, and you become a known entity. Keep running giveaways and your fan base shall increase.

Don’t forget to make the contest rules. It should be like the following;

1. Tag 5 friends and get them to participate
2. If you unfollow, you will not be eligible for future giveaways
3. The more people you tag, the higher your chances become of winning!

4. Share this post as your Twitter and Instagram posts or stories.

All these strategies have worked for musicians, and you can use it too! If you are doubtful that this will not work, you can do your homework and see other musicians. Giveaways are the best way to capture the attention of the audience. This shall surely work out, but make sure you keep to your promise and deliver. Once you do that, the trust level between you and them will shoot up and so gain acceptance from others after seeing the proof from the lucky winners.

10. Paid Ads to Market Your Music

To gear up your marketing strategy, embrace paid advertising. Using paid ads on YouTube, Instagram, Google or Facebook is a great way to reach your target audience. One music marketing tip is to run a preview of your music video on YouTube. You can use tools like Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and Facebook Business Manager.

11. Music Marketing Companies at the Rescue

Choosing a music marketing company like ours could save you from all the hard work. There are companies, who are offering services like digital marketing, social media marketing, branding, content marketing, and pitching the music to playlists and blogs. Basically, these companies become your voice. The companies find out who your fans are and they do thorough research to get followers. Whether it is social media marketing or brand management, the company would make sure that you become a known entity.

Selling your music and reaching out to the masses can be a slow process, but with the help of the content marketing and brand management professionals, you will be able to breathe easy! We all know that pitching your music could be a grueling task. Doing this all by yourself could be frustrating. We are a digital music marketing company and we provide all these services. Contact us today

RECIPES BY: Habila Future Moses

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