Six Key Things To Do Before You Ask For A Feature From an A list Artist

A feature is good, but a great feature is better. Featuring another artist may elevate or depreciate your value as an artist in the market.

Now, as an upcoming artist, you may think getting a feature from an A list artist is all you need to blow, I hate to burst your bubbles but that’s not it. As there are certain conscious things you need to do before you reach out and ask for that feature. We will like to highlight six key things you need to do.

1. Create your own sound:

You need to create your own sound and have a mastery of it!! This will help you in creating a cult of listeners who really dig into your type of music, it will also help you sound confident in your feature and also eliminates the chances of you trying to sound like the artist you are featuring.

2. Do mini-features:

By mini-features, I mean doing songs with your peers and/or friends who sound significantly different from you. This will help you gain a wide range of how to hop on tracks on different genres/styles. These mini-features serve as a training ground for you, so when you get that big feature, you’ll shine like a diamond. Please note in doing this, that not every feature is a good feature.

3. You must be consistent:

Don’t be an Artist with NEPA vibes, one minute you’re dropping a song, then you ghost your fans for six months. That Is a very terrible thing to do. You need to keep dropping content, notice I didn’t say music!? Yes, because you need to find other ways to entertain your fans and keep them refreshing your wall on a steady. This will help you gain the loyalty of fans and will also have you noticed by other artistes as well. Remember, you don’t know who is watching.

4. Drop only quality music:

There is a great need for you to keep the quality of the music you drop constantly. Quality music gives prestige to an Artiste, it gives whoever is listening to you the feeling that you’re in the industry for business and you definitely know what you’re doing. Music with poor quality will drive listeners away.

5. Promote your music:

It is believed that an average budget for promoting your song should be at least three times the amount spent on recording the song, -now there is no cap detected here- promoting your music is the only way you will break boundaries and reach listeners far and wide. You need a promo budget and a great plan to get your songs out to the right people. You know we are always happy to help you with that.

6. Study your progress:

No matter how ‘slow’ it may seem, you need to keep moving and keep track of your progress, as this will help you grow as an artist and help you in making conscious decisions in your career. You need to keep it real with yourself, your fans, and your music. Remember that real recognize real. Keeping it real will help you create a strong following in the long run.



I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.

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