Strategic music marketing: tips and tricks for labels and Independent artiste

Music marketing for labels and Indies

In the present-day scenario, everyone is having their own choice of music and customized playlist. People often feel like becoming a part of music marketing. But is it that easy as it looks? Certainly no, one can become a DJ but owning a record label is a whole different thing. Step by step everything can fall into place with time. Starting for forming record label marketing strategies and implementing them timely, one can achieve the ultimate goal for monetizing through a talented band or a talented singer.

  • Look for the best social media platform to engage the audience: Facebook is just not enough, one has to be active on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and even own YouTube channel for sharing their content with the public at large.
  • Complete coverage of the live performance and sharing the same of different social handles: Live performance by a solo artist or a band should be shared regularly to engage the audience. Nobody knows when a video gets viral and get listed on a trending list of YouTube.
  • Engaging content to be shared on all the social media accounts owned by the label: Written content of new releases, viral video‚Äôs performance and even the backstage coverage of the artist are considered as great content to be shared by the label.
  • Encouraging people to get involved by announcing giveaways: Giveaways are the best way to ask the public to help you with the promotion. Just planning the best one at regular intervals especially during the festivals or any good occasion is a must.
  • Giving the ultimate fan moment to attract other audiences: Arranging a meeting for the winner of a certain contest being announced by the label with their favorite artist is the most prominent strategy to attract people.

Artivate is the ultimate service provider who offers services to label and takes care of the sales. They charge a certain percentage of the sale made as to their royalty but in return are responsible for releasing the music at every platform from Amazon to Spotify. They take the charge to give it the biggest platform to make it an instant hit and viral content on the internet. Big labels count on them for the best opening of their music. The services ensure that credits and benefits are provided to the label.

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