Teddy Pabloo and Wizzytr3way Showcases Amazing Chemistry on Pains and Gains EP.

There is always two sides to a coin, there’s an Opposite to every word. There’s fire and Ice, there’s Pains and Gains. Teddy Pabloo and Wizzytr3way are on different sides of the divide, that division is what creates the balance and unique chemistry between both artistes, that chemistry is the foundation of everything this album goes on to become. On this EP, Teddy Pabloo and Wizzytr3way created beautiful project laced with introspective and insightful messaging, aided by elite production and delivery. 

The EP opens with the title track “Pains and Gains“, as Teddy Pabloo welcomes the listener into his space and takes the listener on a journey through his pains, how he was doubted, how his friend lost his father, and how those pains only made him stronger, He Raps “I ain’t never let the pain let me down“. You can feel the authenticity in the bars. Wizzytr3way’s verse is another solid one, perfectly matching up Teddy Pabloo’s energy, ripping through the beat with his polished flows. This is an excellent way to open an album, it raises the excitement and anticipation for what is to come.

Pabloo and Wizzytr3way attributes their success to “Amazing Grace“, on this record, they trade bars and brags to match each others energy more like the opening record. There’s something about the way this record was delivered that is very loveable, it sounds scatterbrained but on point at the same time.

When you listen to “Believe Me” the first thing that sticks, is the beat, the kicks, the drumlines are arranged to perfection. Pabloo and Wizzy absolutely destroyed the beat, the delivery once again is good. When you listen to this song, you can feel the honesty

Kumbaya” is one of the best song on this EP, Yesiwe’s  enchanting performance on this record is the highlight of this song and perhaps the entire project, the beat is mid tempo, and her vocals cut through the beat like hot knife through butter, it’s amazing, on this record, Teddy Pabloo and Wizzytr3way tap into their pains and experience of the past, and are appreciative of where they are. Teddy Pabloo rap sings “…and if I tell you how e be, and if I tell you what I see“, then Yesiwe sings “…join me sing a song of praise“. I want to hear this song performed live, it’s absolutely incredible.

Boss Talk” is the jam, this is the single. Minx delivers an incredible verse, one of the best on the tape. “Boss Talk” is three rappers talking their shit, trading bars and brags, the energy on this record is high. This song has proper rage moment potential when they perform it, think of records like cruel Santino’s Final Champion or AG Baby’s High ft Davido, the way the crowd loses their shit when the DJ slam those joints.

What I Like/Playing Wif Your Brain” is a two in one record and a complete swerve off the sound of the album, the first song is reggaeton/ragga beat with the verses delivered in Hip Hop flows, this song is gives this album the element of diversity so the album does not sound monotonous.

Generally, Pains and Gains EP will give you an enjoyable listening experience. The chemistry between both artistes is unique, the fit is perfect. That chemistry translates into everything good this album is, the production, the engineering and even the featured performances is apt, It’s also why Oscar B does not put a foot wrong in production. 

Boss Talk if marketed properly can create some buzz. “Kumbaya” is a potential radio hit, it’s the type of song OAPs would slam continuously, it has zero flaws. A live version of this song should be made and promoted alongside the original record, it’s really good.

Both artistes understood the assignment, they were able to create and harness two sides to the story, “The Pains and The Gains”. ” Believe Me” falls into the pains side of the divide while “Amazing Grace“, ” Kumbaya“, and  “Boss Talk” falls into the Gains side, there’s a balance. This project will age really well, it’s not the album for every mood, but whenever you press play on this tape, five years from now or even ten, you will still enjoy every bit of it, and that sort of magic is not what you create everyday.

Take a bow TeddyPabloo and WizzyTr3way, you deserve your flowers. 

Writer’s Rating

Songwriting – 1.5/2

Production – 2/2

Engineering – 1.5/2

Delivery – 1.5/2

Track list and arrangement – 1.5/2

Total – 8.0/10



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