The New & Proud Offspring Of Hip Hop: Pains And Gains EP

With the release of Pains And Gains EP (Friday 24th June 2022) by the Nigerian born – South African based duo rappers; Teddy Pabloo and Wizzytr3way. Hip Hop have got a new offspring with a promising future. Since release, the Pains And Gains EP has made great impacts and general reception of the project has been amazing, so we felt it important and in fact a point of duty to bring you some exclusives about the Pains And Gains EP.

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Pains And Gains EP which houses 6 collaborative tracks with guest features from Yesizwe and Minx is one of his biggest release so far – as the duo is focused on using their gifted creative music skill to communicate to the world’s listening ears. It is the first in a series of upcoming projects by the duo. With this series? They hope to touch lives and to influence the coming generations positively.

One thing that is common with the duo, is their story which birthed the Pains And Gains EP. Both of them come from a place of lack, anguish and desire to do more. They seem to connect on different levels, in-and-out of the studio. The speak the same language of Pains, lacing their stories with cohesive poetic justification – relatable to an elite lover of hip hop.

This project was not created for just everybody. It is specifically created for you, the real lovers of Hiphop music. The duo taps their inspiration from the deep roots of legends like Bob Robert Marley, Anikolakpo Fela Kuti, 2pac Shakur, Andre 3000, Ermias Asghedom (Nipsey Hussle), and Kendrick Lamar.

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Last weekend, we caught up with them in an interview and extracted a few exclusives about the Pains And Gains EP, what is stands for and what it seeks to achieve. Sit tight as we unroll…

Wizzytr3way x Teddy Pabloo

@Artivate: Who is the face behind the name Teddy Pabloo and WiZzy Tr3way? Kindly introduce yourself to our readers…tell us about yourself. 

@Teddy Pabloo: My name is Osarodion Teddy Igie, known as Teddy Pabloo, I am from Benin city, Edo State in the South-south region of Nigeria. I’m a music artiste, rapper/lyricist, poet, song writer, performing artiste and story teller. I fell in love with sounds and beat at a tender age of Six, my grandpa (R.I.P to him) made me a local drum I always beat when he discovered my penchant for sounds and beat. Well, to be frank, I don’t see myself as a rapper but a musician. For me, music isn’t just music to me, i see it as a spiritual tool. And there is only three words to describe my music and what I represent; TRUTH, LOVE and REALITY.

@WizzyTr3way: My name’s Destiny Eghobamien known as Wizzytr3way I always say to myself I’m destined to win. I was born April 4th 1998, from Edo state in Nigeria and currently based in South Africa. I’m a music artist. I started having passion in music from the day I lost my dad which is 30/5/2020, I felt that I have to put my whole life experience into melody, because growing up in a public home really thought me a lot. I want to use my voice and art to speak for those who have been in my shoe because and for the next generation to come. 

@Artivate: What motivates you to create?

@Teddy Pabloo: My art and style is inspired firstly from life which is my first tutor, my spiritual faith, and the love of God and also from everyday truth and struggle of a black man from a destitute environment. Gems like ,Bob Robert Marley,  Anikolakpo Fela Kuti, 2pac Shakur, Andre 3000, Ermias Asghedom (Nipsey Hussle), and Kendrick Lamar brought ideas and visions that seems to resonate with mine.

@Artivate: Can you in a few words describe how your art is important to society. 

@Teddy Pabloo: I believe we are living in a superficial, pony and social injustice society these days. As I said earlier my there are 3 best words to describe my art and what I represent, TRUTH , LOVE and REALITY. take note of the word LOVE, it is what the world lacks today and remember too even Jesus said LOVE is the greatest in the Holy book.

@WizzyTr3way: The World itself it’s an Art, Everyone see’s it from a different perspective, I want to use my art as an inspiration, a speaker for those who can’t explain how they feel.

@Artivate: Following up to your recent updates on social media you seem to have an upcoming project ; a collaborative project with WiZzy tr3way. Is there a special reason for that? Why you both decided to come together and work on a project?

I will say there was never a premeditated intention of working or doing a joint project together, it all started on the first week I touch down SA, it was a freestyle section we were both locked in all night long and we both freestyle crazily for indefinite minutes and didn’t want to stop. And this was my first studio section in SA, we both realised we’ve got some similarities with our stories due to the environment we came from. Although we are both different artiste with different style but our story isn’t far from each other. We both saw this chemistry that night of our first freestyle and we decided write a story with the fusion of our individual elements, And the final product of this fusion creates PAINS & GAINS project.

@Artivate: So what do you hope to achieve with this joint project. What milestones do you have in mind?

@Teddy Pabloo: Well, I didn’t see this one coming, seriously if I will be honest with you, the achievement I will truly be satisfied with is for this project to reach the right people whom it will speak to understandably. And for the milestone, it depends on what y’all or the world considers as a milestone,  for me it might be different. I want to change peoples lives with my message. One thing is to hear the message another is to practice the message. This is what I consider to be a milestone.

@Artivate: Great time chatting with you both. We are optimistic about the future of this project and what it’ll achieve. See you on the other side.

@Both: Thanks guys!


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