Trapped EP: A Cognitive Review & Full Track Analysis.

Budding Nigerian Trapstar’s newest EP uncages his personal experiences and the plight of the Nigerian youth. It proves to be a major release.

Over the years the Nigerian music industry has witnessed a whole lot of new talent year in, year out. Most of these musicians have expressed their thoughts on several pending issues facing the society today. Bonny Teezy is one of such artists. Where he stands out from the herd is his outstanding ability to convey deep emotions with his unique vocals through trap music.

Love, anger, frustration and joy, all combine beautifully on the wings of rhythmic trap-style beats, as they open the ears and mind to the reality of the Nigerian people.

Growing up in the recesses of Western Nigeria, means seeing the raw nature of poverty, and how it causes a ripple effect that ultimately affects the entire society. BonnyTeezy reflects on his childhood experiences through “Swerve”, the first song on the Trapped EP. The Afrocentric- rap track centres on the sad plight of the African single mother, who constantly does everything in her power to make ends meet for her family. The track opens up with a sombre piano rendition that ushers in a brilliant session of creative rapping. Rap is Teezy’s best way of conveying his deepest feelings, as he has shown on previous projects. He lays bare all his emotions, taking a swerve from the norm and saying exactly what needs to be said.

With a mild flow and sizzling hot bars on Suicide (Second track on the EP) BonnyTeezy narrates the story of how a youth engages in illicit drug use and begins to tread the path toward self-destruction. Here, he shows the often ignored connection between drug abuse (which is prevalent today) and suicide. This piece especially, forms the basis for the Trapped EP itself, as it explores how many young Nigerians feel trapped and are constantly looking out for an escape from the prevalent frustration and despair (through drugs and other risky behaviour).

A first step toward solving problems is actually acknowledging and discussing them. Bringing these untold stories and moments to life, is BonnyTeezy’s humble contribution to creating a better society, where all these issues are tackled and the youth have a future to look forward to.

The third track, Slam, also explores social ills from the perspective of a young and angry narcissist. As a youth himself, Bonny Teezy seeks to give credibility to the reality of young minds in Nigeria. Slam separates dream from day as it focuses on the rampant desperation that engulfs the minds of the Nigerian youth. The beat grows more aggressive, daring and reckless. This bears the undertones of the true state of affairs in the minds of young Nigerians. From all forms of crimes to hate and desperation, Bonny Teezy leaves no stone unturned, with a fiery and raw approach to his rap. This further helps in conveying the intended message to the intended audience.

Migo, is a diss track, with the rapper’s persona cutting down his imaginary opponent – a popular theme in trap music. It is written in a blend of both Yoruba and English lyrics.

Beyond doubt, 2020 as being full of ups and downs with several political and social issues facing the country & getting more exposure than ever before. Trapped EP, really paints the recently abundant menace of rape, suicide, and mental health crises facing Nigerian youths. It serves as a beacon of hope that things could get better when these issues are addressed with dedication and cooperation.

Trapped EP Tracklist

SRT Rating: 7.9


• 0-1.9: Flop:

(Awful; not pleasant to the ears)

• 2.0 – 3.9: Near fall:

(Heard worse, but still pretty bad)

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-(Maybe a few very tiny flaws? but still very much enjoyable)

• 8.0 – 10: Masterpiece:

(Exceptional work of art. timeless, creative, one of a kind. Strikes at first listen)

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