Understanding Data Collection & Monetization – The Music Artiste Perspective

Last weekend, I made a ‘block tweet’ about the ‘importance of data collection & monetization as a ‘music creative’

So, about that? I have penned down a few more things for an in-dept understanding and possible implementation – as you grow your career.

First of all…


– Collecting user(fans) data is key to almost any marketing strategy. Without data, you’re marketing blindly, merely hoping to reach your target audience.

– Collecting data allows you to store and analyze important information about your existing and potential fans.

– Collecting this information can also save you money by building a database of fans for future marketing and re-targeting efforts. You no longer need to cast a “wide net” to reach potential fans within your target audience.

If you have a robust fan-database?

You can focus your marketing efforts and dollars on those with the highest propensity & tapping into related audience.

By data collection? Literally, I mean having a central database of fans and music lovers who at one point has explicitly shown interest in the stuffs you do. (In this case, your music & related products)

These are people who have shown interest in either your event, music, mesh sells, tours, personal growth etc. You should always find a way to collect data of these important set of people.

Even tho, social media is important you may not want to completely leverage on your social media capacity as this might not be as effective as having them in small clusters & communicating personally/exclusively/closely with them.

Trust me, this works.


As a music creative, they are several different ways you can collect user data. Some *effective ways to collect digital data include:

1. Website/Contact forms:

If you’re a band or musician who’s serious about your music and you’re trying to make a decent living in the music business, you should have your professional bio-website with a relevant web domain – that contains your music catalog & important infos about you.

PS: If you don’t have that yet, I will help you build/setup your website/EPKs at a good price.

2. Contests/Giveaways:

This is one effective way of collecting data as an artiste. Once you put-out that banging hit of yours? And one of the mapped-out promotional strategies, is to organize a challenge. You should find a way to collect data of every contestant or anyone that shows inter

3. Use Social Media:

Ask the followers you already have to sign up for your email list. Persuade them to give their email in exchange for an exclusive incentive. You can offer a free music download, discount on merch, exclusive access to content & first-listen preference.

4. Event sign-ups:

For everyone that has attended your event, festival or close hangout? Collect data digitally and also physically at event venues.


As a artiste. You may not need lots of data from fans. Keep the data submission form simple. The easier it is to fill out, the more data you’ll get.

Your data collection form should at least consist of:

– Name

– Email

– Phone number

– Location

NB: It is also important to be transparent about what you’ll do with the information. A simple “As you fill this form, you will be added to my close friends list for important/exclusive updates about my music” will go a long way toward building trust & ensuring a prospective completes the form and provides full & correct details.


The essence of collecting these data is to build a close (fan-artiste) relationship to share relevant updates about your career and along the line monetize your audience.

You see? There is no single route or framework as to how to explore & make the most from user(fans) data. You can decide to apply any feasible strategy to reach your goal. What ever strategy you settle for? You just have to be professionally friendly as such approach will yield better results.

In most cases what you may likely settle for is email marketing. Yes you read that right…

You might think email lists are boring or even archaic, but in today’s constantly shifting tech environment, they’re one of the most reliable ways to reach fans with new music, share information about what your doing musically, and news about your upcoming projects.

While you may dread the endless amount of spam that piles up in your email I urge you to think about the type of emails that you are excited to open. I am not sure if you are subscribed to one of your favorite artists email lists, but if you are then I am sure that when you get an email from them you are extremely excited to open it and see what they have sent you. You instantly feel a connection with that artist even though you are not face to face with them.

Creating an email list of close fans is a strategy that works overtime ( only if you can create that conection in your writings & updates). Don’t go about spamming your subcribers inbox with links to your music & mersh sells. No don’t do that ( they will unsubscribe ). Provide them value while & also try to play the scares game.

Every email should have a ‘call to action’ button where you tactically drive in/convert audience to valid clicks & purchases. Don’t be discouraged by the numbers, just keep on with your consistency & try to interact as much as possible.

*What are the things you should write to your audience?

Well, it totally depends on what you have to offer. But if your mailing list is a fan list? You may consider feeding your fans exclusive updates about:

  • Your forthcoming music release
  • Discount on your next event.
  • Some details about your personal life & career.
  • Exclusive teasers
  • Miscellaneous gist: Say? you were in the studio & something funny happened? Gbam, you can creatively put it in writing (With all intended homour). Trust me, someone will read it and laugh out or relate to it ( thereby creating that connection you need)

Generally. there are just so numerous thing you can do to exploit user data and make the most out of it. Just be creative & study the room.

As you see, there’s so much more about data collection & monetization processes. In the days ahead. We’ll be discussing more on how to make the most from user data.

Stay with us.

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