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"Music is business, releasing your songs for free is disrespect to your talent and creativity "
Unique Ezra E
Artivate nigeria

What we stand for

Artivate Nigeria is a premier digital music distribution company. We are advocates for digital music distribution. We stand in the gab between the orthodox and new-age artistes.
Our mission is to re-orient native artistes from the orthodox methodology of music promotion.
A revolution has occurred.
Farewell to the traditional method of music promotion… Welcome to digitization.
Get heard, Get Paid, Get Artivated.

our Mission

   We have created a one-stop shop that music creatives can distribute their content to digital platforms and get promoted at the same time. Our distribution includes but not limited to Spotify, Applemusic, Dezeer, Boomplay, Audiomack & 50 more stores. Our clients(artistes) have the freewill to choose particular stores they want their musics distributed on.

    Now, here is the interesting part, we don’t just distribute your music across these platforms. We also promote your music after distribution. We will implement the right strategies to raise your streaming numbers above the payment threshold. This is what we are offering – Distribution & Promotion (all in one).

We are a 2in1 digital platform. Only a few companies distribute and promote at the same time – with the same budget.


As an artiste who wants to take charge of his career path, we provide you with industry tools & opportunities to get discovered, get heard and get paid.

Viral promotion

Whether you are an independent artiste or signed to a record label, our promotional module has got you covered.

our promotional module is second to none

You might wonder how we achieve all these? With our promotional module, we do the hard work for you. Our in-house team of experts deliver comprehensive PR campaigns getting you top on the trending list. Our wealth of experience has earned us a reputable title as one of the best music merchandise in Nigeria.

Our team

Meet the faces that help get your music playing round the world..

Unique Ezra

Head of content

I am heartedly commited to changing the dynamics of the entertainment & digital industry.

Angyu IV

operating officer

Experience in the industry has groomed and prepared me to solve mankind’s problem.

Samuel Yohanna

head of Promotions

Stay close to God, but don’t be far from the gods.

Agboola Olalekan

Graphic Designer

Think of it, i will visualize it. I am a professional graphic & UX designer.

Omowole Gbenga

creative lead

Seeing the camel through the eye of a needle. Nothing is impossible.

Mayoposi Fasola

graphic designer

I just want to create.

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